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The drive concept by OneWorld
  • A drive has been incorporated in the globe for the first time
  • Due to there being no mountings, loss in friction is almost completely eliminated
  • The globe rotates more than 1 million times without changing the battery
  • The "lifespan" without changing the battery is 3 years and more
  • The efficiency achieved finds its match in the drive technology
  • The globe is suspended by a transparent nylon string inside the column
  • The specially developed motor control unit guarantees highest efficiency
  • The integrated automatic switch-off discontinues operation at dark
The technical realization of OneWorld lies in an approach to a solution that departs from tradition: "For the first time, the principle of the function of the drive was inverted – in this case, the motor rotates around its own axis".
This patented drive concept was optimised over many years and was accompanied on a partnership basis by one of the world's most prestigious enterprises for drive technology.