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More than 500 years ago, the first geographical model of the globe was made by a German named Martin Behaim.
Since then, the image of the earth has changed continually – think of the discovery of the New World (America). Therefore the Globe has always been a mirror of human history and the history of the physical globe models reflects this.
Galileo Galilei mumbled this in 1633 a.d. as the defendant in front of the court of inquisition even though he officially had to refute his own theory of the modern, heliocentric (solar-centric) image of the world.
On the other hand, the time of Galileo Galilei was also the start of the era of natural sciences, of which he laid the foundation.
Especially his findings about the rotation of the planets formed the new image of the world. For us, it was a challenge and a goal at the same time, to model the Earth's auto-rotation with a new generation of globes.
„But it does move!“