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Price list OneWorld
Prices on request
  • Nobel hand-laminated design without visible equator ring, varnished
  • 40 cm diameter
  • Rotations per minute: ~ 0.5 rpm
  • Rotations without changing battery: more than 1 million
  • Lifespan of one battery: ~ 3 years
  • Power supply: 4 batteries (baby)
  • You can easily change the battery yourself
  • Automatic switch-off (switches off at dark)

  • weatherproof design
  • 100 % UV protection of all components with a 30-year manufacturer warranty
  • High quality acrylic glass (cast version)
  • Height 222 cm, diameter 65 cm
  • Wall thickness 8 mm
  • extra thick cover made from acrylic glass cover
  • extra thick base firmly attached to the column and made from acrylic glass with a diameter of 75 cm
  • possibility of easily and firmly connecting the base to a suitable subsurface by means of 8 boreholes
  • equipped with a technical and battery-supplied mechanism that prevents condensation on the inside of the column
  • Total weight: ~60kg

Optional extras
  • Lighting by means of special spotlights
  • Features on the surface of the globe according to customer requirements (locations, offices,
    flight routes etc.)
  • Columnar stands for picture and text plates

  • Individual custom-made designs according to customers' needs
  • Delivery and erection on site included (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
We emphasise our high quality requirements by issuing extensive guarantee including on-site service.
OneWorld - "State-of-the-Art"
GlobeMaster - "State-of-the-Art"